Berkeley woman on day 47 of fast for Guantánamo

Cynthia Papermaster takes her Gitmo solidarity hunger strike to Berkeley City Council Meeting

Cynthia Papermaster takes her Gitmo solidarity hunger strike to Berkeley City Council Meeting

Berkeley woman on day 47 of fast for Guantánamo

Berkeleyside News, August 1, 2013 by Julia Hannafin (Excepts)

“85 out of those men have been cleared for release, yet they remain in the prison. As protest, large numbers of detainees began hunger striking. At the height of the hunger strike, about 100 of the prisoners were fasting. Guantánamo’s controversial practice of force-feeding its prisoners on hunger strike is currently making headlines…

It was the massive hunger strike and force-feeding that pushed Papermaster to begin her fast. Papermaster is a community, peace and justice activist, a director of Berkeley No More Guantánamos, and a member of Code Pink’s Golden Gate Chapter. She also founded the National Accountability Action Network, which works for the prosecution of U.S. officials for complicity in torture, murder, and crimes against humanity.

Papermaster, who describes herself as having “an overabundance of compassion,” says she has been working for peace and justice for years. The stories of the men imprisoned at Guantánamo touched her. “These men deserve their freedom, and they deserve our assistance in getting released and resettled. We must act now, before there are any more deaths, any more suffering,” she wrote in a media release on her fast, which involves a 300 calories a day, liquid-only diet. Read more at Berkeley woman on day 47 of fast for Guantánamo


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I'm now on day 60 of my hunger strike in solidarity with the hunger strikes at Guantanamo Bay Prison and Pelican Bay Prison in California. We must stop torture, forced feeding, indefinite detention, excessive solitary confinement, free the 86 cleared-for-release Gitmo prisoners, charge and try the remainder, and close Guantanamo and ALL black sites where U.S. torture policy is practised. Help me end my fast; call the White House every day: 202-456-1111. Tell Obama I'm on a hunger strike and need him to release the Gitmo prisoners cleared for release.



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