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Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission support for fast

Both Cynthia Johnson and I went to the Peace and Justice Commission meeting tonight to discuss our open-ended fasts in solidarity with the Guantanamo Hunger Strike. The Commission members were interested and supportive, and Vice-Chair George Lippmann offered to brainstorm some ways to get both media attention and the faith-based community involved. In 2011 The […]

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No Nukes Action Committee

Info for/by people in the Bay Area who are against nuclear renaissance. カリフォルニア州ベイエリアで原子力ルネッサンスに反対する人々による、人々のための情報

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my gitmo fast

I'm now on day 60 of my hunger strike in solidarity with the hunger strikes at Guantanamo Bay Prison and Pelican Bay Prison in California. We must stop torture, forced feeding, indefinite detention, excessive solitary confinement, free the 86 cleared-for-release Gitmo prisoners, charge and try the remainder, and close Guantanamo and ALL black sites where U.S. torture policy is practised. Help me end my fast; call the White House every day: 202-456-1111. Tell Obama I'm on a hunger strike and need him to release the Gitmo prisoners cleared for release.