6/15 Fast Launch: Press Conference and Gathering, Provo Park, Berkeley, 2 pm

Cynthia Papermaster and Cynthia Johnson will launch their open-ended fasts in solidarity with the Hunger Strike at Guantanamo Prison this Saturday, June 15, at 2 pm, at “Provo Park” (aka Civic Center Park) on MLK, Jr. Way. We are inviting musicians, poets, knitters, community and spiritual leaders, and families, children and dogs to gather for cold, clear liquid refreshments and statements by the fasters and supporters. We’re hoping that City Council members, the Mayor of Berkeley, and Peace and Justice Commission members will join us for this important gathering in solidarity with the Guantanamo prisoners who have been fasting for over 100 days in order to gain justice and freedom. Berkeley extends a formal “welcome” to one or two cleared-for-release detainees to come and settle in Berkeley, with private funds, and provided that they wish to settle here and Congress allows them to do so. Look for the orange banners in the park. JOIN US ON SATURDAY! Thank you, and may we succeed in convincing President Obama, who has the authority to do so, that he must do the right thing and release the cleared-for-release prisoners right away. More on the long-term fasters and other actions in support of the Gitmo Hunger Strike here: http://www.closegitmo.net


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