Cynthia Papermaster’s Bio

Cynthia Papermaster’s Bio

Cynthia Papermaster

Cynthia is a Berkeley peace and justice activist and community organizer. She is the Director of Berkeley No More Guantanamos, and is a founder of the National Accountability Action Network, which works for the prosecution of U.S. officials for complicity in torture and murder, especially Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and the lawyers John Yoo, Jay Bybee, William Haynes and David Addington. Cynthia is a member of Codepink Women for Peace, Golden Gate Chapter and is one of the “Vandenberg 15.”  She is a former Berkeley PTA Council President. A law librarian by profession, she holds a masters degree from UC Berkeley. CP works alongside an amazing Codepink activist, a shih-tzu poodle mix (the same kind of dog Kurt Vonnegut had) named Jimminywinks. Her Oakland-based daughter blogs about urban homesteading, seed saving, herbs, vegan cooking, health and growing food.


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  1. For a report on the “Hunger Strike Solidarity” Rally at Berkeley City Hall on May 19, 2013 marking the passing of the 100th day of hunger strike for some Guantanamo prisoners, see “Berkeley Calling Blog” post #9 by Vic Sadot: “Release the Cleared Prisoners and Close Guantanamo Prison!”

    Rita Maran of the “City of Berkeley Peace & Justice Commission” reiterated the official 2011 Berkeley City welcome for a cleared “detainee” to settle in Berkeley. Cynthia Papermaster of “Berkeley No More Guantanamos” spoke about the 86 cleared-for-release prisoners still in Guantanamo – up to 7 years after their cases were dismissed by the Bush and Obama administrations. She announced a “Guantanamo Freedom Fund Pledge Drive” for donations to pay expenses such as psychiatric care, housing, food, etc. for the prisoners who will be invited to resettle in Berkeley Vic Sadot led the gathering in singing “Tell John Yoo That Torture Is A Crime!” Janet Weil of “Code Pink Golden Gate” chapter spoke out for an end to this cruel madness and this complete lack of legal due process.

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